Pretty Friday

sunrise (1 of 1)sweets (1 of 1)

Well, after cold misty weather and then a near monsoon for 2-3 days, we FINALLY have some absolutely beautiful weather here!! I’m talking sunny skies, 68 degree weather, windows down – JUST wonderful!  I am seriously soaking it up, especially since the nasty weather made me sick!

Today I finally have no work, actually made it to the Dr. after a week of trying to get in, got a shot and some meds to hopefully finally knock this stuff, have eaten more than one delicious food (as you can see from my pics), and am relaxing listening to some country music on Pandora: “Gimme That Girl” radio.  I am not often in a country mood so it is nice for a change.  It is also the last Friday before school starts back up.  It starts Wednesday, but as I have learned grad school doesn’t really play by the rules, my two online classes are opening Sunday, and Monday.. yayyyy!  I hope you can sense my sarcasm ha ha!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my break even though I have been working nearly full-time, and I plan to make the most of these next few days and start the semester off productively!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and the weather is equally lovely wherever you are!

Happppppy Weekend 🙂


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