Three things.

[ 1 ]     I am not sure how I would make it through this crazy circus-sideshow of a life without humor, my amazing friends and the occasional becomingmoreanecessitybytheday cocktail.

There are those who tear you apart and there are those who put you back together again, and even a special few who literally will stand in between you and the person throwing the eggs.  Some have been around for a long time and you can take a sincere comfort in their understanding before you have to explain anything.  There are also those who surprise you and seem to pop up in the nick of time.  I am so thankful for every different kind of friend I am lucky enough to have, no measurable dollar amount could be placed on any of them.

[ 2 ]     If you don’t watch Nashville you should, as soon as possible.  Only one season has happened so far, or maybe it was only a half of a season, regardless, it isn’t very much you can catch up quickly.  I want a man like Deacon, emphasis on the man. 😉  Real emotion, real trials, real honesty, isn’t afraid to stand up and fight when need be.  Also the rugged, handsome and southern doesn’t hurt either.

[ 3 ]     I discovered the best quote on Pinterest via my good high school friend: Allison.  After reading it I literally let out a sigh of relief, as happens when you find one of those quotes which finally seems to put into complete words what your deepest swirling thoughts have always been.  It is truly a moment of magic.  *Drum roll please….*


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