Swallowed in the Sea


…because this was just way too good of a quote to only share once!  I actually  took the picture and put this one together myself; feeling pretty proud of how it turned out! 

So far, two whole weeks of school down this semester and I’m back working full time temporarily and I’m keeping up with everything so far.  I consider this a small miracle.

Last week was one of those weeks where like everything crazy in your normal life seems to happen, like people just do things out of character or the thing you never want to hear from someone you hear.  Luckily by now this seems like the absolute norm in my life, and I have just come to expect the unexpected, if it seems unlikely, it will probably happen, if you want something to happen, the opposite will probably occur.  I’ve become so used to it that these types of things don’t get me down, I am able to laugh about it, and just add it to crazy ongoing novel my life has seem to become over the years.  At least it’s interesting, some people have terribly boring lives, and get stagnant and depressed, I would rather have some crazy and rollercoaster any day.  I only have to hope that one day all the pieces will fall together the right way!  Yay for life : )

P.S. I have been joking for a long time about “shopping” my book around, as many friends have encouraged me to do when I tell them unbelievable stories.  They are always like, “Your life is nuts, you need a book or movie”.  I mean why not?  Might as well make some money off these crazy things that occur!


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