Please meet my supermodel soul mate!

This is my absolute bestest friend, Summer.  Sex and the City once famously hypothesized: “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”  Well this is mine.  We are always on the same wavelength, if one of us is going through something you can nearly bet that the other is already going through it or will be soon.  We feel the same way about all the important stuff; haunting music, travel, adventure, love, life, purpose, laughter, and friendship.  I know that she is my one person, my other half, I can literally come to her with anything and she can understand, sympathize, rejoice alongside or all three.  I can confide anything in her and I know she won’t judge me or tell the world my secrets.  No matter what life has thrown at us or what different paths we have ventured along we always stay connected at the heart-strings!  And I still have fantastical visions of us one day traveling the world like gypsies, raising babies together and having brother and sister french bulldogs; Penny and Percy ❤

Summer2 (1 of 1)Summer2BW (1 of 1)Summer4 (1 of 1)SummerBW (1 of 1)Summer3aged (1 of 1)Summer4BWheadshot (1 of 1)SummerAgedCrop (1 of 1)


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