Sometimes, the world seems way too beautiful for one to ever be sad.   But what is even sadder is not being allowed to be sad.

We live in a world that says “Get Over It” as its first an only reaction.
“Move on”, “Forget it”, “Cut your losses”, “Find someone else”.

Why can’t we be allowed to feel our sadness?
Do I not have a right to be sad that I met, shared moments – in corners of weeks and months, and developed strong feelings for someone who changed my views on love and life?
The first person who ever truly woke me up, made me re-evaluate my own life path and made me realize what things I really want and need.
[ Which in many ways is the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted. ]

And then, as if they were simply someone you had a brief encounter with:
someone you held open the door for leaving the Post Office,
or someone you debated the best ice cream brand with in the frozen food aisle,
or someone you half-smiled a quick hello to as you passed them walking their dog on your evening jog
– they were all of a sudden there and then the next second gone from your life.

Only they weren’t one of those random people you have a 15 second interaction with.

They were a love-changer, a life-alterer.

But the world wants you to forget them as if they were the previous.

I’m sorry, but I won’t be sorry.

I won’t stop living,
I won’t sit and stew,
I won’t cry.

But I also won’t just “move on” today as if nothing happened.
I will allow myself to be hurt, and to be sad.

I will get up everyday,
take a deep breath,
put one foot in front of the other,
and try to keep walking.

All the while allowing my heart to hold onto this precious sadness as long as it needs to.




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