Prayer and Mid-year resolutions

[ Just some random Wednesday thoughts ]

I have a hard time praying.  I sit there and find my mind just throwing a whole jumbled mass of thoughts in God’s general direction.  Running a thousand miles a minute, trying to tally up all of the things I’m thankful for, feeling bad I might leave something out and then trying to remember all of the people and things in my life I should and need to be praying about.  So last night, in an attempt to have a more eloquent and clear conversation with God I decided to pray via the written word.  I basically “texted” God through a Sticky Note app on my phone.  Typing the things out I wanted to say gave me a chance to slow down and think through what I wanted to say, choosing my words more carefully I was able to focus better, and now I have some written thoughts down I can read back over and pray about whenever I want, even if my mind is going a million miles a minute, it will help me slow down and focus.

While I was praying I got to thinking about some weaknesses I have that I’d really like to work on and better about myself.  I was asking God for strength to help me with these things and it got me thinking.. why wait until January 1st to try to think up something you want to change or a bad habit you want to break.  You wake up to a new day and chance each morning, if I want to get better about something I can pray on it and try a little bit harder everyday to make the change now.  I don’t need to wait for a holiday or special occasion.  I can stop now and start anew.

So here’s to new resolutions, new methods to bring myself closer to God, and a brand new day to work on becoming my best self.  Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday!


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