[ Another D-A-Y ]

When I was in kindergarten, for only about a month before I moved and changed schools, my teacher would stand at the calendar every morning, pointing to the day and we would all say it out loud (Monday, Tuesday ect.)  Then without fail every morning this girl in my class would follow up the day of the week by saying, “another d-a-y” clearly proud of her ability to spell, and the fact that there was always another day.  I have oftentimes found myself randomly hearing her voice in my head, throughout life.  It is absolutely crazy to me how I can’t remember precisely what I was doing last week at this time, or half of what happened a month ago, and how so much gets lost in the noise over the years.. but I will never be able to forget “Another D-A-Y” probably as long as I live.  So here’s to the miraculous mind, and another day 😉 


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